What We Believe

We believe that whole-systems innovation considers all the interdependent parts that contribute to and support an organization's success.


  • Know self, know others
  • Mindfulness elevates awareness and sparks ingenuity
  • Learning is life-long
  • Experiential learning shifts individual perspectives, paradigms, and mindsets
  • Organizations that embrace and cultivate learning = inspires innovation


  • Organizations are complex adaptive systems comprised of networks of interactions and relationships
  • Individual and collective behaviors influence the whole system
  • New ideas emerge through collective wisdom
  • Nature-inspired design = facilitates innovation


  • Know others, know self
  • Individuals seek to make a difference and leave a legacy
  • As members of an interdependent global marketplace, organizations have the potential for enormous societal impact
  • Greater awareness = greater transformation

How can increased awareness transform our world?


Greater Awareness = Greater Transformation

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
— Albert Einstein