We inspire mindful innovation through whole-systems awareness and active-learning.




We help individuals and organizations discover their creative and innovative spirits — and drive new ways of doing business

With a deep understanding of how individuals learn and adapt to change, combined with the power of collective wisdom and an awareness of the big picture in designing and decision-making, we facilitate a whole-systems innovation approach. This approach considers the individual, organizational, and societal systems as key interdependent inputs to the innovation process.

How do we make innovation stick?

We help you and your organization design innovative cultures by executing a whole- systems approach:

Pie Chart


People need to be engaged in — and are excited by — creating their own destiny


People like to be aware of and provide input to potential changes in their work environments


People seek responsibility — and care more about successful outcomes by being actively a part of the innovative process

  1. Engage

    We know that the key to sustainable change and innovation begins with leveraging the ingenuity within an organizational system -- therefore, throughout our work with you, we strive to engage you in the process in a variety of creative ways.

  2. Discover

    We love the discovery process. We use our enthusiastic quest for knowledge to help our clients explore their internal and external environments -- and, explore new possibilities to design the way they think about and perform their businesses.

  3. Design

    We embrace a human-centered design philosophy. The heart of a good innovative design is keeping the people who will be using the end product in mind at all times.

  4. Deliver

    We believe in creating sustainable innovation. We work with our clients throughout the engagement to ensure we are transferring the knowledge and resources that will enable them to be successful and meet or exceed their desired business goals.

An inclusive, creative approach to improving systems

Within each phase of the whole-systems innovation process, we work side-by-side with you and your team to facilitate meaningful change in your organization. Our process is inclusive, participatory, creative, and fun.